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Elegant Bone China Coffee Cup Set with Sugar Jar and Saucer

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Discover Elegance in Every Sip

Elevate your coffee experience with our Elegant Bone China Coffee Cup Set, the epitome of modern simplicity and style. Designed for the discerning coffee lover, this exquisite set is a blend of functionality and aesthetic charm, turning your everyday coffee ritual into a luxurious affair.


Product Features

Our coffee cup set boasts an over eight-piece kit, ensuring you have everything needed for the perfect brew. With the inclusion of a sophisticated sugar jar and a sleek coffee saucer, this set is a must-have for any coffee aficionado. Crafted from premium bone china, it combines durability with a delicate appearance, perfect for both daily use and special occasions.

  • Model Number: Coffee cup – a unique identifier for top-notch quality.
  • Over Eight-piece Set – complete with all coffee essentials.
  • Free Shipping, with optional expedited services via DHL, FEDEX, UPS.
  • Versatile Names (soporte dolce gusto, xros pod, coffee box, dulce gusto, capsules holder) reflecting the set’s multifaceted use.

When to Use

Whether it’s a quiet morning moment, a gathering with friends, or a formal dinner, this coffee cup set is your perfect companion. Its modern design fits seamlessly into any setting, from a cozy kitchen to a lavish dining room.


Unique Selling Points

Our set is not just about serving coffee; it’s about delivering an experience. The ‘la belle et la bete’ design theme, alongside ‘capsulas dolcegusto’ and ‘espresso knock box’ features, add a touch of sophistication and convenience to your coffee preparation and serving.

Why Choose Our Coffee Cup Set?

  • Modern Simplicity: A sleek design that complements any home decor.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for all coffee types, from espresso to a creamy latte.
  • Quality Material: Made of durable and elegant bone china.
  • Perfect Gift: An ideal present for coffee enthusiasts or as a housewarming gift.


Your Next Step

Don’t just drink coffee, indulge in a luxurious experience with our Elegant Bone China Coffee Cup Set. Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this set is a blend of beauty, functionality, and style. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and transform your coffee moments into memorable ones!  

Additional information


Bone China

Model Number

Coffee cup

Kit Type

Over Eight-piece Set


Mainland China


Free shipping

Optional logistics


Product Name 1

soporte dolce gusto

Product Name 2

xros pod

Product Name 3

coffee box

Product Name 4

dulce gusto

Product Name 5

capsules holder

Product Selling Points 1

la belle et la bete

Product Selling Points 2

capsulas dolcegusto

Product Selling Points 3

espresso knock box

4.9 Average Rating Rated (27 Reviews)


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  1. Ashley Rodriguez

    I adore this tea set! Upon finding it, I knew it would be an exceptional addition to my collection. Its unique design stands out, and despite their delicate appearance, the cups and plates are quite robust. The teapot, milk pot, and sugar pot are perfectly sized for entertaining six guests. The small gold spoons are a charming touch. This set offers incredible value for its price. Don’t hesitate to get one!

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  2. Mike Davis

    Had a couple of friends over and decided to break out this coffee cup set. It’s a really nice set, and everyone commented on how fancy it felt. We all enjoyed our coffee, and the sugar jar was handy. It’s not too complicated or delicate, just a nice set for having a good time with friends.

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  3. Grace Lee

    There’s something truly special about the tea drinking experience with this set. Each piece exudes an air of elegance and luxury, making every tea time feel like a retreat into a world of sophistication. The delicate craftsmanship and pretty design transform a simple cup of tea into a moment of pure indulgence. It’s not just tea time; it’s a journey into tranquility and luxury.

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  4. Sophia Martinez

    I recently bought this beautiful tea set. The design is sophisticated and the quality is evident. I’m giving it four stars because it’s a bit smaller than I expected. However, it’s perfect for those who enjoy a smaller, more refined cup of tea. It’s been a lovely addition to my kitchen.

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  5. Michael Brown

    The beauty of this teacup set took my breath away! Straight out of the box, I tested its durability in the dishwasher, and it passed with flying colors. A must-have for tea or coffee enthusiasts!

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  6. Emily Young

    I used this set when my sister visited last weekend. It was so nice to catch up over a beautiful set of cups. The sugar jar and saucer are cute touches that made our tea time feel a bit more special. It’s simple but really pretty, and my sister loved it too!

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  7. Elizabeth Hernandez

    I often use this set for my coffee when I’m feeling extravagant. Even though it’s just for me, I find it stunning. Minor imperfections are there, but they don’t bother me. It makes me feel luxurious, and that’s what counts.

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  8. Jacob King

    This set is lovely, with a delicate design that’s perfect for my tea parties. The sugar jar and saucer are charming additions. I’m giving it four stars because, while it’s beautiful, I found it a bit fragile. Handle with care, and it should be fine. Great for special occasions or when you want to treat yourself to a luxurious coffee experience.

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  9. Ethan Hernandez

    The “Elegant Bone China Coffee Cup Set with Sugar Jar and Saucer” is a great product. The reason I’m giving it four stars is that the saucer seems a bit delicate compared to the rest of the set.

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  10. Jennifer Scott

    This tea set is stunning and of excellent quality, perfect for hosting. It feels somewhat fragile, so I’ve decided to reserve it for special guest occasions. I prefer hand washing it instead of risking the dishwasher.

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  11. Christopher Martinez

    I’m absolutely in love with this set! It makes me feel like a character in a princess movie, especially when I’m sipping tea. I’ll continue using it to maintain that whimsical feeling.

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  12. Matthew Gonzalez

    The pictures online don’t capture the true beauty of this cup, saucer, and spoon set. The colors are rich. Holding and using it for tea enhances the experience, as the set’s aesthetic beauty elevates the whole tea-drinking ritual.

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  13. John Smith

    I got exactly what I hoped for with this tea set, and then some. Anyone aiming to create a stunning table setting should definitely consider buying this.

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  14. Emily Torres

    This tea cup is exquisitely delicate, resembling a fine piece not meant for daily use for fear of damage. However, with careful handling, it’s ideal for everyday enjoyment.

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  15. Sarah Brown

    I hosted a small family gathering and used the Elegant Bone China set. It was a hit! The cups are just the right size, and the design is simple yet classy. It made our family tea time feel a bit more special.

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  16. William White

    I never knew tea could feel this luxurious until I used this set. This set elevate my tea experience to a whole new level. It’s like being in a high-end tea salon in the comfort of my home.

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  17. Anthony Clark

    This tea set is truly magnificent! It has a quality heft while still looking delicate. Perfect for a satisfying cup of tea, it would make an excellent gift for any tea aficionado.

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  18. Daniel Wilson

    I had a few guests over for a casual get-together and this coffee cup set was perfect. It’s not overly fancy, but it has a nice, elegant look that my guests appreciated.

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  19. Olivia Lee

    This tea set is stunningly beautiful! The craftsmanship is excellent, and every design is eye-catching. I highly recommend it!

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  20. Sophia Lewis

    The set is so pretty, surpassing all my expectations. It looks delicate and expensive, with elegant colors. I would definitely recommend this product.

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  21. Jessica Williams

    This set makes an exceptional gift. The cup, saucer, and special spoons are exquisite. I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift myself.

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  22. James Walker

    This delicate bone china tea set is lovely, featuring beautiful colors that complement my decor. From the teapot to the spoons, everything is quite pretty. Would definitely purchase again.

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  23. Rachel Robinson

    The Elegant Bone China set is really nice. I’m taking off one star because it’s a bit delicate and I’m always worried about breaking it. But it’s a beautiful set and everyone likes it.

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  24. Amanda Miller

    This tea set is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m eagerly anticipating using it.

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  25. Laura Peterson

    The flower design on this coffee cup set is absolutely lovely! It’s so delicate and adds a really nice touch to the whole set.

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  26. David Garcia

    My Mom adores her new tea set. It’s beautiful, elegant, and of high quality.

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  27. Sarah Johnson

    It’s precisely what my granddaughter wanted!

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