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Compact Italian Espresso Coffee Maker

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Transform Your Mornings with a Touch of Italy

Experience the essence of Italian coffee culture right in your kitchen with our Compact Italian Espresso Coffee Maker. Designed for coffee enthusiasts and busy lifestyles, this sleek, small-sized coffee maker brings the art of rich, robust espresso to your countertop. Ideal for smaller kitchens or for those who appreciate minimalist design, this machine doesn’t just save space – it elevates your coffee experience.

Indulge in Espresso Elegance: Elevate Your Daily Brews

Whether you’re starting your day or needing an afternoon pick-me-up, this espresso maker is your go-to. It’s perfect for quick, single servings, making it a great choice for the morning rush or for entertaining a few close friends. It’s also a fantastic choice for office settings, transforming your coffee breaks into a luxurious experience.

What Makes It Special?

What sets our Compact Italian Espresso Coffee Maker apart is its blend of simplicity and sophistication. The semi-automatic functionality means you have control over your brew, yet it’s straightforward enough for beginners. The integrated American style extraction ensures every cup is brewed to perfection, capturing the full flavor and aroma of your coffee beans. With a power of 1050W, you won’t be waiting long for that first sip of heavenly espresso.


Product Features

  • Voltage (V): 220V-240V – Perfect for standard home outlets.
  • Cafe American – Enjoy your favorite American style coffee with ease.
  • Certification: CE, CCC – Quality and safety assured.
  • Capacity: Ideal for personal use or small gatherings.
  • Product power: 1050W – Quick heating and efficient brewing.

Why Choose Our Espresso Coffee Maker?

  • Compact design suitable for any kitchen size.
  • Simple, semi-automatic operation for barista-quality coffee at home.
  • High-quality construction and certifications ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Fast and efficient brewing process, thanks to its powerful 1050W heating element.
  • Perfect for both personal use and small gatherings.



Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your coffee experience.

Order your Compact Italian Espresso Coffee Maker today and savor the taste of Italy every morning!

Additional information

Voltage (V)



Cafe American




Espresso Coffee Maker

Capacity (Cup)

<5 cups

Brand Name



Mainland China

Product power


4.8 Average Rating Rated (25 Reviews)


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  1. James Anderson

    After thorough research, I found this affordable, hopper-free espresso machine. It’s ideal for the occasional drinks I make for family and friends. Being a former coffee shop employee, I have high standards, and this machine meets them. The only minor issue is the time it takes to heat milk with the steam wand, but heating the milk separately first works well.

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  2. Emily Wilson

    This espresso machine is efficient and user-friendly. It’s easy to maintain and has been a great addition to our daily routine. After watching a tutorial, I found it as simple as shown. We’ve saved a lot by skipping the coffee shop, making it a worthwhile investment.

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  3. Sarah Rodriguez

    If you’re considering an espresso machine, don’t hesitate with this one. It’s reliable, easy on the eyes, simple to maintain, and has been problem-free for over six months. It’s saved me money and allows for healthier homemade lattes.

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  4. Daniel Davis

    It makes excellent coffee and is very convenient to use. We use it every day, and it’s become a staple in our household. The ability to create both hot and cold beverages, coupled with the handy frother, makes it a beloved appliance.

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  5. Ethan King

    Some people find it difficult to use, but it’s actually super easy. The only problem is remembering to turn it off, as it doesn’t shut down automatically. I’ve left it on by mistake, but fortunately, nothing bad happened, and it still works fine.

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  6. Sophia Walker

    This machine is incredibly easy to use. I love that I can make Americanos every day without needing to visit a cafe. The steamer isn’t the best, so I had to get another device for milk steaming, but overall, I’m very satisfied.

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  7. Elizabeth Johnson

    I bought this espresso machine as a gift for my husband, and we’re thrilled with it. As beginners, we wanted something easy to use and clean. This machine is just that and more, allowing us to experiment with various recipes and save money on coffee shop visits. Highly recommended for anyone starting out.

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  8. Samantha Clark

    It’s super user-friendly and adorable, making great coffee. I had to buy a separate metal pitcher for milk steaming, but that’s a minor issue. The steam wand is easier to clean than on other small espresso machines I’ve used.

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  9. John Lee

    While it makes good coffee, the machine takes some time to warm up the milk. Other than that, it’s a fantastic purchase. It heats up quickly and makes excellent espresso and cappuccino. The frother is fast and efficient.

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  10. Jennifer Brown

    This machine is not only functional but also beautifully designed. It looks luxurious and expensive, impressing my friends. We’re not frequent coffee drinkers, but it’s perfect for the occasional coffee or tea, and even for making unique drinks like mushroom lattes.

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  11. Olivia White

    I’m really happy with this espresso machine. I wasn’t sure what to expect given the price, but it’s been easy to use and produces great coffee. It did take some time to learn, but it’s much more affordable than going out for coffee.

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  12. Michael Williams

    I recently bought this incredible espresso machine, which has surpassed my expectations. Right from unboxing, I knew it was special. It’s transformed my morning routine, adding a touch of luxury to my day.

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  13. Alexander Young

    This espresso machine is a great value for the money. The only minor downside is that you can’t pull a shot and steam milk simultaneously. But other than that, it’s been excellent.

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  14. David Jones

    This espresso machine offers great value for its price and quality. We’ve been using it for six months and are very satisfied. The only drawback is the non-removable frother wand, which can be a bit tricky to clean.

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  15. Susan Miller

    As I enjoy a mocha latte from this machine, I can’t help but appreciate its simplicity. Making cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos has become a cherished part of my mornings. It’s so motivating to start my day early with a delicious coffee in hand!

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  16. Christopher Smith

    This machine is amazing, especially the milk steamer. It’s an excellent choice for home use, making superb lattes and espressos. Overall, a fantastic machine for any coffee enthusiast.

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  17. Jessica Garcia

    Adding this espresso machine to my kitchen’s coffee corner has been a game-changer. It’s simple to use and clean, and the espressos taste fantastic. My adult children love stopping by for a homemade espresso.

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  18. Joseph Hernandez

    I’ve had this machine for a while and it’s fantastic. It’s straightforward to use and consistently makes great coffee. Definitely a good buy for coffee lovers.

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  19. Matthew Lewis

    For its price, this espresso machine is a great investment. It comes with handy tools, is easy to use and clean. The only minor issue is that it’s prone to staining.

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  20. Ashley Martinez

    I didn’t expect home-made espresso to rival coffee shop quality, but this machine proved me wrong. It’s user-friendly, and the coffee tastes incredible.

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  21. Jacob Martin

    This espresso machine is great for single servings. It’s efficient, easy to use, and produces coffee comparable to what you’d find in a coffee shop.

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  22. Emily Harris

    This machine was a birthday gift from my wife, and it’s fantastic. It’s user-friendly and delivers excellent espresso.

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  23. William Thompson

    I absolutely loved this product! It works wonderfully and has been a delightful addition to my kitchen.

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  24. Isabella Allen

    The machine pulls shots well, although it’s a bit noisy. It’s a bit challenging to get the right foam for latte art, but it’s a great machine overall.

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  25. Michael Rodriguez

    I bought this for my daughter, and she loves it. It works well

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